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Layam – Carnatic Metronome App

Layam – Carnatic Metronome App

Concept of Layam App:

“Layam – Carnatic Metronome” App is a new concept which helps students to practice with Mridangam anywhere, anytime through this app with real Mridangam tones. This app sharpens the Rhythmic skills of every student when practiced in right way. Please watch our demo videos in YouTube for usage guidelines.

In Layam App, The Mridangam nadai will keep on flowing with the selected shruthi, nadai & Thalam in the required BPM. A student has to put thalam & can practice any song in any Shruthi, in any BPM in given thalams.
Though there are lot of varieties of Nadai in our Carnatic Rhythm, We have given the best nadais here to suit all type of compositions like varnam, Krithis, Thillanas & other devotional songs. We have researched a lot & took feedback from various artistes while choosing each nadais.

Here we have given commonly used thalas like Aadi Thalam, Mishrachapu thalam, Khanda Chapu thalam, Rupaka thalam & Aadi thalam Tishra Nadai. We have given both Madhyama kaala & Vilamba kaala Nadai to play with a song.

All the thalams has 2 Nadais from 70BPM -120BPM speeds. Whereas we have given 80 & 90 BPM only for Tishra nadai Aadi thalam, since this are the commonly used tempos in that particular thalam.

A student needs to select according to his/her requirement & taste. The practitioner has to start from edam as this app doesn’t play any arudhi in between or in the ending. It plays just sarvalghu. So you can play or sing with a flow.

Mohra & Korvai:

We have given Mridangam Mohra Korvai for the benefit of music students. It is most essential for a singer or an instrumentalists to understand what a Mridangam artiste plays & how a Thani avarthanam ends in a concert. Most of the artistes will be in a dilemma, & doesn’t know when to continue the song after thani avarthanam.
So we have put effort in this regard & given Mohra- Korvai in 4 common thalas. The ending of a korvai is indicated with the silence, which concludes with the ardhi. A listener has to understand that, they have to sing or play a song when a korvai ends . 

♦  It has all Shruthis with good quality, so there is no necessity of external Shruthi box. Please decrease the Mridangam volume when you want to use only tamboora for your concerts or practice sessions.

This sharpens & give a good hold on rhythm of all students, which is most necessary to every Musician.

♦Please Note: The beauty of real Mridangam playing for a song according to Manodharma is unparalleled & cannot be replaced by this app. This is just a tool to help music students for practice.

♦Please download the app from play store to enjoy your practice session.

♦Please Use quality earphones or Speakers for best sound quality.

♦ This App plays metronome only in 80 & 120 BPM in lite version.

♦Please upgrade to the paid version of this app to use all the speeds.

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