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“Lord Nandikeshwara – The God Of Mridangam”

“Lord Nandikeshwara – The God Of Mridangam”

 Nandikeshwara The  God Of Mridangam.

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 “Lord Nandikeshwara – The God Of Mridangam”

“Lord Nandikeshwara” is considered as a god of Mridangam. According to Indian mythologies, Lord Nandi (Bull), who was the escort of Lord Eshwara who used to accompany Mridangam for ‘Rudra Thandava- the divine performance of lord Rudra’. Another myth also adds that that the mridangam apparently was created because an instrument was needed that could recreate the sound of Indra (the Hindu counterpart of Zeus king of Gods) as he moved through the heavens on his elephant Airavata. That is why mridangam is called the ‘Deva Vaadyam’ or the instrument of the Lords.

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