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A Small Mohra Korvai On Synthetic Mridangam

A Small Mohra Korvai On Synthetic Mridangam                   I have just tried to play a small “Aadi Thala Mohra Korvai”  on  this Newly Invented  “Synthetic Mridangam” during my Practice session. Its a new Mridangam, invented & manufactured by Dr K Varadarangan of Bangalore. Really it is a path breaking effort. We all artistes should appreciate his intelligence, Patience & his innovative ideas in creating this wonderful Instrument. The speciality of this Mridangam is no Leather (Skin) & its totally Vegan instrument. Kudos to Sri Varadarangan for his new discovery.. This is weightless Mridangam Its a Fiber Body & completely Maintenance free. We can tune Easily to any shruthi without difference of “Meetu & Chapu” . This is the first YouTube Video of this New invention. *Note : Pls use Earphones for better sound. *Instrument Courtesy: Vidwan Sri G.S.Ramanujam

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