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“Music Therapy with Indian Ragas & its Benefits on human body & mind”

Music Therapy or Raga Therapy with Indian Ragas & its Benefits on human body & mind Always Music has healing & soothing effect on our mind. Be it any Music, we will be happy when we listen to our favorite raga or tune or song. By listening to these ragas we can attain both  mental happiness, peace of mind & various  effects on our body. Now a days music therapy is getting popularity worldwide, especially our Indian music. So here is the list of all the ragas & its benefits in detail, INDIAN RAGAS & BENEFITS: Practicing & listening these Ragas have various Advantages on our mind & body. ?Ahir Bhairav: Gives free relaxed feeling and mitigates dust allergies and skin disease. Good for arthritic conditions ?Amrutavarshini: Ushana vyathi nasini ( alleviates diseases related to heat) ?Ananda Bhairavi: Supresses stomach pain in both men and women. Reduces kidney type problems. Controls blood pressure ?Bagesri: Helps in attaining Guru’s grace ?Bhairavi: Reduces anxiety, pressures, skin, disease, allergies ?Bhupala: To awaken someone out of deep sleep ?Charukesi: 26th raga in the melakarta scale (parent) of the south Indian classical music. Rejuvenates the mind helping one to age gracefully. It enlivens the singer and […]

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Happy Birthday Song On Mridangam – Mridangam Tarang

” Mridangam Tarang “  I have tried to play a small & very famous western song ” Happy Birthday to you ” on my Mridangams. This is the first of its kind on mridangam.  I have used 7 Mridangams with different pitch. This is in Raga Shankarabarana. I haven’t used top pitch C# Mridangam (Tara shadja) as we don’t get practically & the sound of the instrument will also not be so melodious. So I have used lower octave c# Mridangam only.

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