Online Mridangam Classes

In this present busy world, Everyone cannot easily travel long miles to learn Music. Especially many Mridangam aspirants cannot get good teachers to learn & excel in their art forms in many places. By keeping all these factors in mind. This page has been created in the Idea to propagate mridangam for those who have interest to learn but no time to travel for attending Mridangam classes in person. So that they can learn Mridangam & other Carnatic Percussion instruments like Ghatam, Khanjira, Morsing & also Konnakol from basic to advance(Proficiency) level through Online by sitting at their home in their convenient time.

Many students from Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Denver, California, Maryland, Chile, Edinburg,  Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Malaysia & across the world including India are learning mridangam, other Percussions, Calculations like korvais, Korapu etc.  Interested Persons can contact “Mysore Vadiraj” for Online Mridangam Classes. Though people feel music cannot be learned thoroughly through online media,Now a days all the students are successfully learning & giving performances after learning through online platform.

Different Styles Of Mridangam Playing:  As we all know there are two major styles of Mridangam. ie, Tanjore Tradition & Pudukottai tradition (Baani). Being a disciple of Mridangam Maestro Sri Thiruvaarur Bhakthavatsalam, I belong to Tanjore Tradition Of Mridangam style.  In our style we teach mridangam concepts to every student from basic to professional level in detail, such as clear & perfect fingering techniques, various intricate rhythmic syllables, dealing with various nadais such as Chatushra, tishra, Khanda, Mishra & Sankeerna nadais. we also teach how to accompany for a song & how to embellish a song with different strokes & sollukattus (Rhythmic syllables).In our school, we also deal complex mathematics at ease & a student will learn how to approach a song in a aesthetic way. So it will be a complete package to the students to learn mridangam & Other percussion instruments successfully. In case if you don’t have instrument for practice, Dont worry, We will ship Mridangam or any percussion Instrument to your place safely

Additional Support: We also provide online  mridangam support for  students learning vocal & instrumental music who are aspiring to practice with mridangam to get a grip with laya.

Android APP: Please download our Online Mridangam Class Android Application  toget regular updates, articles, videos, korvais etc, from Google Play store through this link:

Below are the  few demo videos of few syllables & techniques about Mridangam. Please browse my website for my  solo videos, Tutorial videos & My Students performance. 

💠 Here is a small Demo video of my online Mridangam Class with on of my student in Dubai👇.  Have  a look, also you can watch his performance of presenting this same lesson which has been taught in this below video.

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Introduction to Mridangam

How To Tune Mridangam

Basic Mridangam Exercise

Mridangam Syllable Exersice