Korvais For All

Free korvais for All: 

Hi friends, I will be posting good korvais in my blog, it’s a small service to music students who want to sing various korvais.  Interested can take from this blog.

1. Adi thalam, 6 matre after samam.

Hi, This is one progressive beautiful korvai for samam to after 6matre for Aadi thaalam. you can sing /play this for concert if u like.

Poorvanga: 4+3, 3+3, 2+3, 1+3, 3  one time each for three korvais,

uttaranga: 555 (3 khandam) in first korvai,

666 3 666 in second korvai,

777 3 777 3 777 in third korvai..

That 3 in-between is karvai /pause which is distributed uniformly without compromising the beauty.

For mridangam artistes, they can play these syllables in melkaalam.

Tha. Dhi. Thakadina thangu, 

Dhi. Thakadina thangu

Thakadina thangu

Thaka thangu


Will post the audio/ video soon.