How to use Layam App

🔹Concept Of Layam Carnatic Metronome App 🔹
Hi Friends, This video is to demonstrate how to sing or play with Layam Carnatic Metronome App.

The Mridangam nadai will keep on flowing with the selected nadai in the required BPM &  you can put thalam & practice any songs in any Shruthi, in any BPM.
Here we have given both  Madhyama kaala  & Vilamba kaala Nadai to play with a song. You need to select  according to your requirement. You have to start from edam as this app doesn’t play any arudhi in between or in the ending. It plays just sarvalghu. So you can play or sing with a flow.

It has all Shruthis with good quality, so there is no necessity of external Shruthi box. You need to just use headphones or good speakers & tune to your Shruthi & thaala & required nadai & go on..

This sharpens & give a good hold on rhythm of all students, which is most necessary to every Musician.

*Please Note: The beauty of real Mridangam playing for a song according to Manodharma is unparalleled & cannot be replaced by this app. This is just a tool to help music  students for practice.

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*Please download & subscribe to app from play store to enjoy your practice session.

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